A PROCLAMATION recognizing May 28, 2019, as Canal Shores Day

WHEREAS for 100 years Canal Shores Golf Course has provided recreation, green space, and affordable and accessible golf to everyone, especially children; and

WHEREAS since its founding by Peter N. Jans in 1919, Canal Shores has always remained open, unfenced and welcoming to all; and

WHEREAS the golf course has grown to be seamlessly integrated with its neighborhood and its community; and

WHEREAS through personal involvement and fundraising, the community is working together to improve it and its ecology so future generations can enjoy it; and

WHEREAS Canal Shores celebrates its 100th year of operation in 2019; and

WHEREAS stewards of the course have developed the CS 100 strategic plan to assure that this unique golf experience, historic land, ecologic vitality, and recreational use is preserved for the next 100 years,

Now, Therefore, I, ROBERT T. BIELINSKI, VILLAGE PRESIDENT OF THE VILLAGE OF WILMETTE, DO HEREBY PROCLAIM May 28, 2019 as CANAL SHORES DAY, and welcome citizens of Wilmette and beyond to utilize and celebrate this community treasure.

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