Canal Shores offers opportunities for anyone – through our commemorative gift program – to honor friends or family members at special times in their lives or after they have left us. Such gifts are tax deductible to the extent permissible by law, while providing valuable financial support to Canal Shores. A letter of acknowledgment, suitable for use with the IRS, will be sent to the donor. At this time, two gift options are available: a commemorative tree and a commemorative bench.

Commemorative Tree Program: For a donation of $5,500, you can select a new tree for planting on the course. For $2,500, you can select an already newly planted tree on the course. If you choose a new tree, the tree species can be any of those listed within the Canal Shores Tree Policy as approved for planting. The donation cost includes the care and maintenance of the tree, and it is guaranteed for 10 years. Should the tree die or need to be replaced or moved on the course during that ten-year period, the cost of the replacement or move is covered by the donation. A commemorative plaque (pictured below) will be placed at the foot of the tree with an appropriate message. The plaque will remain in place for the life of the tree. Donors can request placement on a specific hole. Every effort will be made to accommodate the requested location, but Canal Shores reserves the right to determine placement of the tree. The type of tree selected may be a factor in determining an appropriate planting location. The course also reserves the right to relocate or remove the tree at any time if necessary for ecological or golf-play reasons. If removed within 10 years, the commemorative plaque will be moved to a newly planted tree at a location chosen by Canal Shores.

Commemorative Bench Program: For a donation of $2,500, you can have a bench (pictured below) placed on Canal Shores golf course. A commemorative plaque (pictured below) with an appropriate message will be affixed to the bench. The plaque will remain on the bench for 20 years. Thereafter, the bench will become available for use for another commemorative gift. This program will be used to replace existing benches and add new ones when Canal Shores determines that additional benches are desirable. The donor will be able to select the location of their donated replacement bench – provided a prior donor has not already selected the same location. If the bench is to be placed at a new location on the course, Canal Shores will work with the donor to select a location that is agreeable to the donor, but Canal Shores reserves the right to determine the exact location of the bench. The course also reserves the right to relocate the bench at any time for ecological or golf-play reasons.

Commemorative trees and benches will be available so long as Canal Shores determines, in its sole discretion, that the placement of additional trees and benches on the course is beneficial.

Please contact Linda Larkin at 847-475-9173, ext. 3, if you have any questions about this program or to begin the process of establishing your commemorative gift.

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