It’s always an exciting time of year as spring approaches! In March, daylight hours become longer, the sun becomes brighter & warmer, and the turf, trees and other plants slowly begin to emerge from winter dormancy.

The team continues to prepare for the upcoming season. Crew Foreman Andrew Mack and Grounds Staff Member Kevin Nelson are working together to get our golf cart fleet up and running.

The team is also closely monitoring course conditions including frost depth and soil temperatures. Once the weather breaks and we’re able to get out on the course, we’ll begin cleaning up debris that’s accumulated over the winter months concentrating first and foremost on preparing playing areas for opening the course.

At this time, we haven’t determined an exact date for opening the golf course. As reported in last month’s blog, we’re hopeful for a quick warm-up so we can give the seed that we’ve put down all over the course (most importantly on the greens) the opportunity to germinate and to begin healing in areas that were damaged by drought, lack of functional irrigation and overall wear and tear on the golf course where the number of rounds increased significantly over the past two seasons.

Thankfully, also as reported last month, we have plans in place to improve our irrigation on the course as well as plans to implement and execute new cultural practices to promote better overall course conditioning and overall playability of the golf course.

We realize it will take some time and patience for these areas to begin healing, but giving the seedlings time to establish is imperative as we strive to improve course conditions from what we experienced last season.

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