Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf

Canal Shores Golf Course is not just about golf. Recognizing the golf course’s proximity to migratory birds’ flight path, and the opportunity to enhance valuable natural areas and wildlife habitats, Canal Shores has earned a Certificate for Environmental Planning as part of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf. Congratulations and thank you to Canal Shores’ volunteers and staff for their sensitive stewardship of the property for the benefit of both birds and golfers.

Canal Shores Habitat Restoration Master Plan 2017

Canal Shores has developed a comprehensive Master Plan to guide thoughtful and responsible land stewardship of the 80 acres the golf course occupies. The plan includes an ecological inventory and history, invasive species management, and outreach opportunities to connect the community with nature. Educating youth on ecology and environment and reconnecting them to nature is one of the priority expected outcomes of this project. We hope to inspire a future generation of land stewards. Canal Shores has already taken many positive steps on the golf course property such as restoring habitats, installing native planting, and clearing out invasive species. We thank the many neighborhood volunteers who have assisted in this effort and the pro bono donations from local businesses!


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