Instructions For Donating Marketable Securities

Making a gift of marketable securities to Evanston Wilmette Golf Course Association (EWGCA) may offer you several benefits:

  • You can donate stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares.
  • The total market value of the donated securities is tax-deductible as a charitable gift.
  • If the value of the donated securities includes capital gains, neither the donor nor Canal Shores pays capital gains taxes on the appreciation.

For specific guidance, please consult your financial/tax advisor or the relevant IRS publication.

Transferring securities to Evanston Wilmette Golf Course Association (EWGCA) is a two-step process. If you have questions or need additional assistance with the transaction, please contact the Canal Shores’ Business Manager, at info@canalshores.org or 847 475 9173.


STEP 1 – Arrange Transfer of Securities to EWGCA‘s Brokerage Account

Your brokerage or financial institution may have a form for you to use. Instruct the institution holding your stocks or bonds to transfer them to the account of the EWGCA using the following information:

Account Name

Evanston Wilmette Golf Course Association

Account Number


Receiving Financial Institution

Romano Brothers & Company, 1560 Sherman Ave, Suite 1300, Evanston, IL 60201




Omar Haq, ohaq@romanowealth.com, 847-866-7700

If you wish to make a gift of mutual fund shares or if your stock is a physical (paper) certificate, different processing steps apply. For assistance with these types of donations, please contact Omar Haq, ohaq@romanowealth.com, 847-866-7700.

STEP 2 – Notify EWGCA of the Transfer

Because stocks and bonds transferred to the EWGCA account arrive without accompanying donor information, you need to provide us with the following information so that your gift can be identified and a tax receipt be sent to you. Please notify us of your donation by providing this information:

Your Name


Your Mailing Address

Name of Stock or Bond Transferred

# of Shares Transferred

Date of Transfer

Financial Firm Making the Transfer

Any Additional Information (e.g., in honor of, in memory of, for designation to a specific project at Canal Shores)

You can submit this information by:

  • Emailing the details to the Canal Shores’ Business Manager at info@canalshores.org.
  • Mailing the details to the Canal Shores Golf Course, 1030 Central Street, Evanston, IL 60201 ATTN: Business Manager
  • Phoning the Business Manager, at 847 475 9173.

Thank you for supporting EWGCA and Canal Shores.


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